Les Georgettes

Les Georgettes is the creation of the renowned Maison Altesse, France's leading jewellery manufacturer and Texier, a distinguished leather goods manufacturer in Brittany; two premier companies belonging to Renaissance Luxury Group which have been officially recognised by the French State with a prestigious label awarded for excellence in French Know-how.

Their story begins in Paris in 1905. A young talented craftsman, Marius Legros, decided to set up his own jewellery business at 62 rue Charlot, in the heart of the famous Marias district. In 1912, he returned to his family home in Saint-Martin-De-Valamas, a valley in the Ardeche region, where he established his own jewellery workshop.

In 1917, his brother, Georges, opened his own workshop, Bijoux GL, in the neighbouring area of Le Cheylard. For a century, the two brothers' companies continued to grow, becoming France's leading manufacturers of gold plated jewellery. The two companies eventually merged to become Maison Altesse.

Today Maison Altesse employs over 150 craftsmen and continues to distribute affordable, modern and high quality pieces of jewellery around the world.

The brand Les Georgettes - whose name honours Maisn Altesse's founder, Georges Legros - offers a range of innovative collections, with customisable jewelleryand accessories in gold and silver finishes.

Their 100% metal jewellery pieces interchangeable leather bands are crafted by hand in their workshop in Ardeche and Brittany, employing traditional savoir-faire techniques which have been officially recognised as part of France's national heritage.
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